After fully dying 3 times in his lifetime, a record breaking 144 court appearances, 100+ moves in the USA. Amir finally fled the United States in 2014 and moved to the South of France. After traveling throughout Europe Amir has found an amazing Tropical Island in the Fucking Caribbean where he is currently finishing up the writing of his upcoming controversial autobiography~
       Amir DuPuis was born in Hellwaukee, Wisconsin on September 26th,1967........... Amir has been a genuine real life,  ambitious, complex, intense and uncompromising Pirate ever since. Amir is also a musician, actor, model & artist. He has appeared in several movies including Captain & Commander:The Far Side of the World (Russell Crowe), LA Confidential (Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger, Guy Pearce), Fucking Slipping Down Life (Guy Pearce, Lili Taylor, Shawnee Smith) and a bunch of others he would surely love to forget.


                                          ~Amir's band history includes: MIDDLE FINGER, BADSEED and BFP~M
                                                 Amir has released 12 CD's on his Amir In Hell Record label:

                                                    MY TREASURE CHEST OF SONGS/SEPTEMBER 26, 2017 
                                                            CREATURES OF THE SEA/SEPTEMBER 26, 2014
                                                          AND THEN......... LIFE HAPPENS/JANUARY 1, 2010
                                                                BIRTH OF AN ANGEL/DECEMBER 26, 2009
                                                          WALKING ON THE MOON/SEPTEMBER 26, 2009
                                            EVICTION NOTICE FROM FUCKING HELL/SEPTEMBER 26, 2008
                                                             BEYOND THE 4 WALLS/SEPTEMBER 26, 2007 
                                                               THE LIVING LEGEND/SEPTEMBER 26, 2003
                                                                 SICK OF THIS SHIT/SEPTEMBER 26, 1997
                                                                   MIDDLE FINGER/SEPTEMBER 26, 1996
                                                                 THE PAIN WITHIN/SEPTEMBER 26, 1995
                                                                            BADSEED/MARCH 6TH, 1994
                                      ~Photography by Ville Akseli Juurikkala photographer/filmdirector~ 

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